A particular instant

Canvas, brush and colours offer, even today, infinite possibilities despite some statements that have been circulating for a long time in the world of contemporary painting. A painter, like a musician, expresses himself with the eye of his time. The creations are always new and happily endless.

Even though I'm interested by all kinds of subjects, portraits are my favourite. After a long century of passion for the photographic portrait, the painted portrait is a medium that now finds its pedigree renewed. It fixes the particular of an encounter, every time unique, between the model and the painter.

I invite you to contact me with any questions. This will allow us to consider the making of portraits or other subjects that matter to you heart. Custom work is my favorite activity because of the exchange between artist and model, each time humanly enriching and energizing.

I am particularly attentive to my clients' satisfaction with the picture which they will live with. If this is not the case, I start over or correct.

Painting techniques

It is by drawing that I came to the color (pastel, watercolor and mixed techniques). By taste, now I paint mainly in oil on pure linen mounted on wood. The linen is coated with Lefka. This PH neutral and all natural coating, that I manufacture myself according to the traditional methods, has been used since the Middle Ages (to create icons in particular). It is therefore guaranteed to last.

This technique matches my style of painting very well, a style that has become quite personal over the years. It allows me numerous reprises that give a wide variety of colours until I consider the painting to be finished.

Stages of your order

The present time no longer allows the portraits that required long hours of sometimes very painful pose. For this reason, I use photography as many painters have done since the beginning of the existence of this medium. The development of digital photography, and the amount of shots that it allows, has provided a new other freedom to portraiture. I often use several photos at once, which contributes to the liveliness of the painting.

Once you have decided on a portrait or other subject, I spend a few hours or more in your family environment and take many pictures. I can also use existing photos if they seem adequate or if the presence of the model is not possible.

These are very pleasant and important moments for each of us. Having a portrait made is a very personal undertaking and feeling good doing this seems to me essential for a good result. They are also crucial moments because they allow me to get to know the model or to hear talking about him.

Taking the photos in family setting is very important because it inspires to make the picture to be in harmony with the colours and the interior. This explains the variety of my portraits.

After an initial screening of photos, we choose together those that best meet our common perceptions of the person or subject. It is the same for the portrait's size, material and technique.

Once the resemblance and composition are performed on the canvas, I let my imagination go towards what will become a painting. I allow myself a certain freedom as to colours, contrasts, backgrounds, but I keep bearing in mind the places, the persons and expectations of the latter.