A distinctive moment

The more time passes, the more the beauty of nature and the perfection that has been put into a face, a hand, a baby, ... amaze me.

The human person is a subject that I particularly like to paint: each one being unique, I also adapt the backgrounds according to what I have felt, it is an intuitive journey. The painted portrait and the photographic portrait arouse a great deal of interest in museums. It fixes the particular moment of a unique encounter between the model and the painter.

It allows you to accentuate traits. Since I have been painting, I have endeavored to identify what is most beautiful but most just in everyone: I therefore have a special and often positive contact with the children whose portraits I have painted. A unique and original "recognition" has occurred.

I am particularly careful that you are satisfied with the painting you are going to live with. If this was not the case, I will be happy to correct it as long as, of course, the request seems adequate. We will enjoy discussing it. This is the reason why, for more than 25 years, I have kept warm contacts with the families who have acquired my work.

Placing an order is a simple, pleasant process and a very original gift that you can make to yourself and that you give to your family. Far from being a narcissistic undertaking, it represents the love we have for someone and beyond, a continuity between generations

I make sure that the result matches the style of the decoration of the house in which it will be installed. It’s very interesting and varied; I like variety and new challenges.
Since I use my 21st century eyes, these paintings are contemporary and in the here and now of a beautiful moment.

I invite you to contact me with any questions.

Each time, it is a humanly so much enriching and energizing experience for everyone.

Painting techniques

It was after 10 years of intensive drawing that I came to color (pastel, watercolor and mixed media). Out of taste, I now paint mainly in oil on pure linen mounted on wood. The linen is coated with Lefka. This completely natural and neutral pH coating. I make it myself using traditional methods: it has been used since the Middle Ages (for making icons in particular). It is therefore a guarantee over time.

I have felt good about this technique for a number of years. I use a lot of colors because I don't know how to do otherwise; I have sometimes dreamed of painting like some painters I admire, but I can't do it at all: to each their own!

Stages of your order

The current era no longer allows portraits that required long hours of exposure, sometimes quite painful. This is why I have used photography like many painters since the beginning of this medium's existence. The development of digital photography, and the amount of shots it allows, gives new freedom to the art of portraiture. I often use several shots at a time which adds to the life of the painting.

When you've decided on a portrait or another subject, I spend a few moments in your family setting taking pictures: the painting will look all the more like you.
It is also quite possible to use contemporary means and chat on the internet (you can show me around your house by FaceTime or other). I also use photos that you have taken yourself. And if the presence of the model is not possible, the old photos can be used: the painting allows all possible interesting assemblages.

These moments of meeting and exchanges are interesting and rich. Drawing a portrait is a very personal process and feeling good about it seems essential to me for a more satisfactory result. These are also moments that allow me to get to know the model better or to hear about him: they can vary in duration depending on each person.

Taking pictures in the family setting can give another inspiration to the painting so that it is in harmony with your interior and its colors. This explains the variety of my portraits and other landscapes. In my way of painting, the background behind the portrait is as important as the portrait itself. I like challenges and new ideas on my paintings.

After a first sorting of the photos, we choose together those which best correspond to our common perceptions of the person or the subject. It is the same for the size of the portraits. I can also offer you a technique on kraft paper.
Once the resemblance and the composition are made on the canvas, I let my imagination run wild towards what will become a painting. I give myself a certain freedom as to the colors, the contrasts, the backgrounds, but I always keep in mind the places, the people and the aspirations of the latter.